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Ethical Jewellery Review: Wolf & Zephyr

Lock up your bank cards everyone, I’m back with another exciting ethical fashion review but this time it’s not clothing – it’s some rather amazing ethical jewellery from the most Instaworthy brand ever – Wolf & Zephyr (previously known as Wolf & Gypsy).  I’ve had my eye on these guys for a long time so when the opportunity arose to review some gifted jewellery how could I resist?

DISCLAIMER: Please note that although this is a sponsored post and I have not received monetary payment for this post. I have been sent a product from Wolf & Zephyr to review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.  However, if you decide to purchase using the code provided by Wolf & Zephyr I will receive a small commission. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me.

Every piece of beautiful jewellery has a unique design inspired by the founder’s love of the animal kingdom and cultures around the world. Not only do Wolf & Zephyr sell jewellery but they also offer the opportunity to book curated ear piercings at Bank Medispa in Hale (South Manchester). I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty tempted on this one – especially as I only live less than a couple of hours away.

With lockdown restrictions being lifted it’s time to get partaaay ready so get on over to Wolf & Zephyr and treat yo self using the code GREENS for 10% off.

About Wolf & Zephyr

Wolf & Zephyr (previously Wolf & Gypsy) are a UK-based ethical jewellery company founded by Tori Shay in 2018. Tori has a huge love of symbolism, spirituality, and culture and this is reflected in her jewellery design. The brand name was inspired by Tori’s son’s name Rafe whose name is of Old Norse origin and means ‘wolf’. As Tori has an avid love of travel and adventure ‘gypsy’ became the second part of the original brand name.

The staff in India are employed directly by their manufacturer who provides private health insurance to all permanent staff and helps with their children’s educational fees, school uniform, and books.

All of Tori’s designs are made from recycled sterling silver, gold vermeil, 14ct gold and ethically sourced, conflict-free gemstones that Tori handpicks herself in India.

With ethics at the forefront of the brand, each piece is handcrafted by artisans in an ethical workshop in India and Wolf & Zephyr regularly reviews all of their suppliers to ensure they are only providing low-impact raw materials. They also conduct a yearly site visit to their main manufacturer in India.

The staff in India are employed directly by their manufacturer who provides private health insurance to all permanent staff and helps with their children’s educational fees, school uniforms, and books. Working days are a standard 8 hours although paid overtime is available and workers are paid more than a living wage. To find out more about Wolf & Zephyr’s labour policies click here.

Being environmentally conscious Wolf & Zephyr use eco-friendly packaging throughout the whole supply chain. They are also a member of 1% For The Planet, a global organisation that binds companies together in striving for a healthier planet. Every company donates a minimum of 1% of annual sales to support environmental non-profit organisations. To find out more about Wolf & Zephyr’s environmental commitment click here.

It’s amazing to hear that in addition to this, from the 19th of May, for a week, every order placed with Wolf & Zephyr will result in a direct donation to India to support with COVID relief. At least 10% will go directly to staff and families based in India and Wolf & Zephyr will donate a further 10% toward PPE, hygiene, vaccination, and medical costs if needed.

Wolf & Zephyr Snake Necklace, RRP £125.00

If you’ve seen my tattoos you’ve probably realised that I have a bit of a thing for snakes… and flowers, but mainly snakes. There’s something so beautiful about them, I think I love the fluidity of their movement and the intricacy of their scales. Plus they’re pretty dark and mysterious, almost mythical I guess, and for those reasons, I love them even more. So, as you can imagine, when I saw that Wolf & Zephyr sold a Snake Necklace that was definitely at the top of my list of choices.

The snake spirit animal relies on its surroundings and its vibrations and uses them as a compass to find its direction. It moves along the earth and translates the energies from it. Our Snake Necklace signifies rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. Wolf & Zephyr

This beautiful little snake baddie is made from sterling silver that has been plated with gold vermeil. The pendant catches the light so beautifully, it quite literally glitters, and the way the snake’s body winds is absolute perfection. As I have light olive skin I can get away with most things but I do have a big love of gold and I think that it helps to make me look that little bit less washed out, especially in the winter. For those of you with colder, blue undertones you’ll be pleased to know that the chain and pendant are also available in sterling silver too.

The snake pendant has been beautifully hand-drawn and measures roughly 15mm x 36mm. Wolf & Zephyr offer various chain lengths; 16″,18″, 20″, and 22″. I opted for the 22″ length as I love the way it falls just slightly above my cleavage. It’s super-feminine and when you have a big chunky pendant and a long, fine chain it really balances everything out well. I also think that this length opens up some fab layering options too.

The price to me feels very fair for the quality of the materials – the pendant has a good weight to it and feels well made, and the chain is thin but not so flimsy that the clasp feels like it’s going to break. Yes, I had this happen to a very expensive necklace of mine and then I lost it. Which as you can imagine was pretty upsetting. If you’re a total snake lover then you might fall in love with the Gold Vermeil Snake Hoops or the Snake Bangle with Emerald Eyes in Gold Vermeil.

The Verdict

Stylistically and aesthetically I love everything about Wolf & Zephyr, and I think you probably will too. From coin pendants to crescent moons it’s the kind of stuff boho dreams are made of. The designs are so beautiful and are executed perfectly by the staff in India. You can tell that a lot of love and care has gone into handcrafting these beautiful pieces and it almost feels like each piece carries its own special story. I have so many items on my wishlist (uhh this Scorpion Ring anyone?) it’s actually a little bit dangerous, and if I weren’t needing to move house soon I’d so be buying all of them (yes I have no restraint when it comes to these things). There’s an awesome collection inspired by the 1990s, pre-curated layering looks, and so much more.

It’s great that Wolf & Zephyr are using eco-friendly packaging that has been FSC® Certified and is fully recyclable and biodegradable. They are such a promising brand when it comes to both ethics and sustainability, although I’m not an absolute expert and it’s well worth following people like Besma of Curiously Conscious to learn more. I wish I had more time to invest in learning but between working full time, doing these fun little side projects, and looking after the kids it can be hard to retain information altogether. So it’s really important that you take that time to learn too.

I’m trying to sit here thinking of something negative to say, purely because I know that when you read a review that’s 100% positive it’s a bit like “really though?”… I know so many influencers can just give rave reviews out of fear of not being able to work with brands again but for me honesty is paramount. I guess my only qualm is that the majority of models appear to all be thin and white, and don’t get me wrong they are obviously gorgeous ladies, but I’d love to see more diversity as let’s be honest it’s not just beautiful, thin white women that wear jewellery. Representation to me is important. How do you even know if something will suit you if you don’t see it being worn by someone that looks similar to you? How do you even relate to the brand?

That being said, to me, Wolf & Zephyr are pretty much absolute perfection.

Don’t forget that Wolf & Zephyr are offering all my readers 10% off their full range using the code GREENS so get shopping! Which Wolf & Zephyr piece would you buy? Leave a little comment using the comments box below. For more ethical clothing reviews please click here

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