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Beet Turmeric Latte with Rhodiola Rosea (Paleo, Vegan)

I’m back with another beautiful adaptogenic recipe – a gorgeous, sunset coloured Beet Turmeric Latte with Indigo Herbs’ Rhodiola Rosea Tincture. This trusty little superfood latte reaps all of the benefits of the beet latte and the turmeric latte in one swift drink. Both have amazing benefits but what exactly are they?

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a sponsored post. I was sent free products and compensated in return for an amazingly delicious recipe. Any payment I receive I use to purchase more ingredients and equipment to keep this blog up and running, and most importantly to keep creating quality content for you all. I am not an affiliate of Indigo Herbs and any purchases you make via them I will not be compensated for. I am not influenced by the company in any way and all opinions, ramblings, and thoughts are my own and 100% honest. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me.

You’ll all know turmeric is amazing in a curry but did you know that it contains high levels of vital nutrients such as; vitamin C, copper, iron, phosphorus and magnesium? Turmeric also contains a super powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound known as curcumin. Curcumin is believed to be able to battle depression, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and heart disease and boost the overall immune system. Personally, I find it particularly useful for keeping the swelling off my joints if my autoimmune disease plays up but also to help battle post-workout fatigue and DOMS.

Although these benefits sound super exciting – which don’t get me wrong they totally are – it’s worth noting that the amount of curcumin you’ll absorb won’t be maximised unless you add in other compounds such as piperine to increase its bioavailability. Thankfully you don’t need to be a mad scientist to get your hands on some – trusty old black pepper contains high levels of piperine which is why you’ll find it in the ingredients list.

This Beet Turmeric Latte with Rhodiola Rosea will help melt away both mental and physical stress. Perfect for tired out mamas, amateur athletes, and yogis.

When it comes to turmeric I always make sure I use an organic powder to ensure I’m getting the maximum nutrient profile and not putting a bunch of nasty pesticides into my body, which for obvious reasons isn’t exactly preferable. Which is why I’m a big fan of Indigo Herbs’ Organic Turmeric Powder – not only does it have a high nutrient profile it has the most amazing colour to it and less of that bitter flavour synonymous with supermarket brands.

Beetroots are delicious roasted but they are also naturally anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich, and contain a mystical sounding crystalline compound known as betaine. Betaine is vital for protecting the cells within your body from stress but also aids joint and liver health, and helps to keep inflammation levels at a healthy balance. My favourite use for beetroot juice is either as a pre-workout or post-workout drink. This is because betaine lowers the amount of lactate within your muscles, delaying the onset of muscle fatigue, and allows you to go harder, faster, and for longer. But betaine doesn’t stop there – it also promotes the synthesis of creatine helping to improve muscle strength, growth, and power.

Don’t worry though, if working out sounds like your worst nightmare then beetroot juice is still an amazing energy-boosting, caffeine alternative so you can kiss goodbye to those nasty jitters!

To absolutely make this drink pop, I’ve added Indigo Herbs’ Rhodiola Rosea Tincture which is made using the roots of the beautiful flowering herb that grows native to wild Arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. Historically it has been used to treat anxiety, depression, and fatigue in Russia and the roots possess amazing adaptogenic properties; helping the body to battle chemical, environmental, and physical stressors.

I largely use Rhodiola to boost my energy, endurance, and strength but also my mental capacity too. Having a tincture makes it so versatile to use – I can throw it into protein shakes, hot drinks, or even stir into some coconut yoghurt. Anyway, if you’ve had enough of my waffling then scroll down for the most amazing latte you’ll ever make!

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Beet Turmeric Latte with Rhodiola Rosea (Paleo, Vegan)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: 1
  1. Start by grinding the seeds of the cardamom pods in a pestle and mortar then add to a small heavy-bottomed saucepan along with the remaining spices. Gradually whisk in the beetroot juice to ensure there are no lumps then add the remaining ingredients, except for the milk.
  2. Place the pan onto a low heat and bring to a simmer then remove and transfer to a cup. For a smoother drink pass through a fine-mesh sieve to remove any bits.
  3. Rinse out the pan then add the milk, place back onto a low heat then froth using a small electric whisk. Alternatively, place into a milk frother as per the manufacturer's ingredients.
  4. Pour the milk over the prepared beetroot latte base and enjoy! For a super-indulgent drink add whipped cream and a sprinkle of xylitol or erythritol.
Can't get your hands on beetroot juice? Dissolve 1 tsp beetroot powder in 30ml of warm water instead or blend a small beetroot and pass the pulp through a nut milk bag, collecting the juice over a bowl.


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