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Paleo Raw Caramel Mocha Brownies

You probably already know that I love a good batch of fudgey raw chocolate brownies, and you probably know that I am a bit of a coffee fiend too. This recipe is a match made in heaven. This is for the naughty you that can’t help but give in and eat a whole batch… I normally advocate a healthy lifestyle but when it comes to these I won’t judge you if you do eat the whole lot!

The good news is that these are also Vegan, gluten and grain free, and super easy to make. All you need to make these is a bunch of medjool dates, some almonds (some other ingredients) and a decent food processor – it was meant to be, c’mon!

I know medjool dates can be a little pricey but do not sub for regular dates, the result will not be a nice fudgey brownie but rather a more crumbly one and nobody likes a crumbly dry brownie, nuh-uh! You may however replace the cacao for cocoa but as you all know you will lose out from all of those lovely benefits from the antioxidants.

I didn’t use pecans in these like I did with my last bunch of raw brownies as I was worried that these could become a little too sweet. And for some reason almond and coffee just seem right! It also makes for a firmer brownie texture.

These raw brownies can be stored frozen for up to 6 weeks but I seriously doubt that any of you will have the will power to do so, so just store these bad boys in an airtight container in the fridge to keep them nice and firm. Don’t worry though these can be served at room temperature however I found these are the most enjoyable when left out of the fridge for 10 minutes before serving!

I bring to you – Paleo Raw Caramel Mocha Brownies!!!

Paleo Raw Caramel Mocha Brownies
Prep time
Total time
These Paleo Raw Caramel Mocha Brownies are just INSANE! They're Vegan, gluten & grain-free and most importantly they are free from refined sugars.
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 12
For the caramel:

For the mocha brownie:

  1. Combine all of your ingredients for the caramel into the bowl of your food processor. Pulse a couple of times before processing fully, being sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl frequently. Process until you have a completely smooth paste. Set aside until needed later.
  2. Combine all of your ingredients except for the walnuts into the bowl of your food processor. Pulse a few times before processing until the mixture forms a smooth ball. Be sure to scrape down the sides frequently using a spatula to ensure that the ingredients mix process thoroughly.
  3. Pulse in your ½ cup of walnuts until you get a nice mix of walnut chunks.
  4. Grease and line a a suitable sized dish with greaseproof paper (I used a 19cm x 14cm 0.8L capacity Pyrex dish) being sure to leave enough excess so that you can lift the brownies out easily.
  5. Drop in ⅓ of your brownie mixture and be sure to press down firmly until evenly distributed. Using a spatula, spread ⅔ of your caramel mix over as well as you can - the mix is super sticky so watch out!
  6. Place another ⅓ of your brownie mix on top and knuckle it out as best as you can before spreading over the remaining caramel.
  7. Finally add your remaining ⅓ of brownie mix and knuckle it out evenly!
  8. Place into the freezer for 1 hour until set.
  9. Remove from the freezer and use a knife or spatula to ease out the sides before tipping out the brownies. Cut the brownies into your desired size and then EAT! Nom nom nom!
*Preparation time is 10-15 minutes however the recipe include a setting time of 1 hour.

**Please note that all cup measurements used are British cups and thus equal to 250ml unless stated otherwise.


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