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What on Earth is Earthing?

Have you ever walked barefoot outside in the summer on the luscious green grass or sandy beaches and wondered why it feels so damn great? Why do you feel so at one with the Earth and with yourself? Why you are suddenly so…  grounded? Well, it’s simple really – we were born into this world naked, without clothes on our backs or shoes on our feet, we walked, ran, sat, hunted, danced, and even slept barefoot and connected with nature.

In modern society we’re so disconnected from nature and our dear Earth that we live most of our time indoors wearing non-conductive rubber on the soles of our shoes…

I’ve always loved being bare foot, ever since I was a kid I’ve never really been that interested in wearing my shoes – and socks are pretty much my worst enemy. When I left home at 16 I began to go barefoot – even at work. As I have grown older I have kind of realised that this maybe isn’t the ‘done thing’ in society, and I don’t think I have that boisterous confidence to boot, so I upgraded (or downgraded rather) to wearing minimalistic barefoot running shoes. On the odd occasion however I have gone for a beautiful barefoot run and it was an incredibly exhilarating experience.

In modern society we’re so disconnected from nature and our dear Earth that we live most of our time indoors wearing non-conductive rubber on the soles of our shoes and we’re surrounded by non-conductive materials such asasphalt, laminate floorings, and plastic.  When we do venture to the good old outdoors we sit in cars, on buses and trains, and we wear those silly shoes some more. Is it any wonder that we feel so drained, sick, and in pain? It’s not just our diets that are bad in the Western world it’s our lifestyles. If you really think we were supposed to live like this then maybe think again after reading about the benefits of earthing.

The Benefits of Earthing

So firstly – what on earth is earthing?! Well… Earthing, also known as grounding, is the practice of being in contact with the earth with your bare feet. When your feet connect with the ground below it restores your body’s natural electron balance and essentially acts as an anti-inflammatory to your body. The earth carries a negative electron charge, in fact they are called ‘free electrons’ which means that they can pass through solid materials, whilst your body carries a positive electron charge. This process evens out the balance of positive and negative electrons between the two – over time your body builds up positive electrons in the form of oxidative free radicals. Free radicals damage animal tissue and there have been links found to them increasing your risk of cancer and speeding up the ageing process.1,2 

In fact these ‘free radicals’ are the reason for us ageing prematurely, for us feeling fatigued, and for us feeling stressed and anxious. Earthing removes those oxidative free radicals which helps us to have a better quality (and deeper) sleep than normal, and has even been claimed to heal injuries faster and chronic pain (especially when concerned with inflammation related diseases), it ativan can improve stress and anxiety, and reverse and prevent the signs of premature ageing. Not sounding too silly now is it?

How to Practice Earthing

To practice earthing simply…

  1. Remove those nasty socks and shoes.
  2. Place your stinky bare feet onto the grass or even concrete. Don’t try it on any man made surfaces like asphalt or your decking – it just isn’t going to work silly. If you remember basic science then go and find something that’s a conductor and not an insulator and whack your feet on it (as long as it is in contact with the earth, naturally).
  3. Feel the instant benefits and suck up that energy my friends.
  4. Repeat as many times as possible throughout the day.

Tip: To make sure that you are earthing to your full potential make sure that your feet or the surface that they are on are slightly damp. This allows the electrons to be ‘conducted’.

If you can’t get outside or are a bit of a wuss in the cold (I have to admit that I am now the weather is horrid) don’t worry! You can now buy some pretty amazing earthing gear from grounding mats to even mouse mats, bed sheets, yoga mats, wrist bands, and even mats to go in your car! Amazing what technology can do for us these days!

I recently received a pair of conductive sandals from Earth Runners and the moment I put them on my feet I was amazed at the sensation that I began to feel – which brings me on to my next point… how earthing really feels.

So What Does Earthing Feel Like?

The only way that I can describe the sensation you get whilst earthing is as a warm tingling feeling rising up from your feet through your body, almost like you are recharging your batteries. Think of it as an overall feeling and sense of ‘well-being’ – of balancing your inner energy, Qi (chi), or prana. It’s sort of a charge of energy that makes you feel better and not even over time but immediately. It’s the weirdest yet most natural phenomenon ever and the longer you do it for the more beneficial it will be for your health.

So why not join me my friends and report back with your experiences using the comments box below.


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