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How to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep (Via Primal Eye Magazine)

So now that we know a little more about our sleep cycle and the importance of both deep and REM sleep – how can we ensure that we get the amount of good quality sleep that we need? Using some ideas from the list below try and incorporate them into your own little sleep ritual and you’ll find that you’ll be feeling refreshed in no time!

Although regular exercise helps you to sleep, exercising within 2 hours of your bedtime can keep you awake for longer due to increasing your adrenaline levels, your heart rate, and your body temperature – remember all of these factors need to decrease in order to enter your sleep cycle.

Check Your Surroundings

Is your neck or back achy and sore upon waking? Or do you find that you never have enough room in the bed? Chances are that your mattress is no longer capable of supporting your body and if you co-sleep with your partner you may not have enough room stretch out and get comfortable – leading to you waking throughout the night.

Mattresses should ideally be replaced every 8 eight years1 however if you can’t afford to replace your mattress or upgrade your bed look into purchasing a memory foam ‘mattress topper’ and rotate your mattress every 3 months. It might also be a great idea to replace your pillows too.

It’s not just your bed that could be the problem – as your body needs to drop in temperature to go into a deep sleep with cheap ambien online, it may well be a good idea to cool your room. Try opening your window and airing out your bedroom for a little while before going to bed. The optimal temperature for your bedroom should be roughly around 18°C although this can vary from person to person so have an experiment with various temperatures.1

If you haven’t already, invest in a pair of blackout blinds or curtains to block out any excess light such as the light emitted from street lamps which will thus act as a stimulant to your brain, keeping you awake.

To read the full article head on over to Primal Eye Magazine.

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