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Caveman Kitchen Spiral Cutter Review, Competition & Recipe!

Caveman Kitchen Cutter Review GOTSA

A couple of weeks ago I was very lucky to receive one of The Caveman Kitchen’s Spiral Cutters. It has literally become my new best friend! It comes in a nifty little box and has a stylish yet fuctional design to it. It totes 2 Japanese stainless steel blades in two sizes which gives you the option of having a ‘spaghetti’  thickness or a ‘tagiatelle’ thickness.  To top it all off it comes with a little bottle brush type cleaner, a safety cap (so you don’t julienne your finger skin) and an e-book which boasts a whopping 36 pages of recipes that well… put mine to shame! Ramen noodles, Pad Thai, Creamy Basil Alfredo – you name it!

Caveman Kitchen Spiral Cutterphoto 1(57)

This is perfect for anyone embarking upon a Paleo, Vegan or Raw food diet. It really is one of those little compact gadgets you should have in your cupboard! So anyways enough of my ramblings and onto the good stuff!!!


Functionality is key in the kitchen!

So I shall start off by telling you how this little wonderous gadget works. You stick stuff in, you twist it round and around and out comes your wonderful raw veggie ‘pasta’. Simples.

The blades

You have 2 options of pasta width to go for and with either of the blades however placing a lighter amount of pressure on your vegetable whilst spiralising results in a thinner and more dainty pasta. Placing a heavy amount of pressure on your vegetable increases the overall thickness.  I like to use the wider blades for softer vegetables like courgettes and the thinner blades on harder vegetables like carrot, sweet potato and parsnips.

Getting your pasta to be one long continuous strip is slightly trickier than you may imagine and takes a little while to get going. Once about a quarter of your vegetable has been spiralised it starts to become steadier within the cutter and then turns into one long noodle. You will get a few scraps at the beginning and end of the process but nothing that will bother your culinary experience.

Caveman Kitchen Spiral CutterCaveman Kitchen Spiral Cutter


Like all spiral cutters there is always a small amount of ‘wastage’ and probably more so with this one. However, this doesn’t really bother me as the design of this cutter makes the whole process faster and less messy than any other spiraliser I have used in the past. As you can see in the bottom left picture this is generally what you will have left over after spiralising. You cannot get it to go further into the cutter without cutting your fingers off. The second picture on the bottom right is what is left over inside the cutter after spiralising and is fairly small in diameter. I just chuck these bits in with my cooking.

Caveman Kitchen Spiral CutterCaveman Kitchen Spiral Cutter

The safety cap

If you look in the bottom left hand picture you can see the safety cap in all of it’s glory (complete with courgette). This is a great idea as all you have to do is to pop the cap onto the end of your veggies and twist to your heart’s content. I do like to use it with wider vegetables, however I can’t help but to try and spiralise every last piece of any narrower vegetable that allows me to pop my big chunky man like fingers into it. And have taken the risk several times.

I have to confess that I have also cut my fingers several times too doing so – use the safety cap people!

Caveman Kitchen Spiral Cutter Safety CapCleaning Brush

The bottle brush cleaner

Another ingenious creation! This brush is fantastic as it can get into every nook and cranny and scrub it clean! Every spiraliser that I have had has been big and clunky and hard to clean.  This is amazing and a complete time saver in the kitchen.  If you’ve got a busy household then I have to say that this is the item for you over those crank handled ones.


I love the design of this product. It’s incredibly slick, minimalist, it’s compact and it carries the awesome and modern Caveman Kitchen logo on the stainless steel outer handles.

Caveman Kitchen Vegetable Cutter

The ‘hour glass’ type design means that it can stand proud on any kitchen top without looking like a piece of clutter or another kitchen gadget. The compact size of the cutter makes it perfect for small kitchens and overcrowded ones too. This is key for me as I have the tiniest kitchen and never enough storage to contain all of my kitchen gadgets that I have accumulated over the many years.

The overall verdict

At £11.99 (and free shipping within the UK) this is an absolute bargain!

This is the sturdiest vegetable spiraliser/cutter that I have ever used. The last one that I owned had a crank handle and I pretty much broke everything that was attached to is because I am quite heavy handed. I did not have a problem with this one at all. You could put full force onto this and it will not break at all. It’s incredbly durable. I feel safe in knowing that if I ever suffer from a Gordon Ramsay style episode of ‘kitchen rage’ that I shall be safe to launch this and not need to invest in a new one.

The ease of use, compact nature and mess-free cutting make this all worth while. The e-book is also so creative that there will be something in there for anyone – raw salads, stir-fry and pasta. If I had known this had existed before I received one then I would most definitely have bought one myself.

Plus you can have fun figuring out what will and won’t spiralise!  Just a little heads up – aubergine is a no go! (Yes I really did go there)

If you’d like to get your hands on one now then check out the Caveman Kitchen Amazon Store.


Yes I made this fab Tahini Mixed Veggie Noodles and Sweet Egg Omelette! Click here for the recipe!

Tahini Noodles and Sweet Egg OmeletteTahini Noodles and Sweet Egg Omelette


So the moment that you have all been waiting for! The wonderful folk at Caveman Kitchen have allocated 5 Caveman Cutters for Greens of the Stone Age readers to win!

But don’t worry – nobody is a loser! All runners up receive a 20% off discount off of the wonderful Caveman Cutter. It’s a win win situation!

(I reckon by now you’d like to get your hands on one of these little shiny bad boys right?! Yup!)

All you have to do is click the link here answer the question and follow the instructions – easy peasy! It literally takes 1 minute to complete!

Please note: Competition is now closed and all winners will be informed 12th November 2014 via the e-mail address that they have provided. Good Luck!

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  • Reply
    4th November 2014 at 6:30 am

    This was one of the spiralizers I was looking at – very interesting review.

    Ease of cleaning is important! Most people are going to be spiralizing courgette / zucchini at some point, and I’ve found that if you don’t get the detritus off the blade as soon as possible, you’re in trouble.

    And yes, I had been wondering about “The Aubergine Question”. I didn’t dare go there, though… 🙂

    • Reply
      5th November 2014 at 2:58 pm

      Haha ooops! Sadly yes, I am dim enough to pop a squishy aubergine through a vegetable spiraliser!

      As for the cleaning it is miles faster! I don’t think I will be going back to the old style clunky one.

  • Reply
    Flake And Cake
    4th November 2014 at 4:13 pm

    Great review! That price sounds pretty great for all that it does, my spiraliser was around £30 inclu shipping and, although I love it, is a bit of a pain to clean! I have to make sure to do it straight away otherwise I’m left trying to scrub off glued on bits of vegetable.. not fun!
    Will definitely check out that recipe, it looks delish!

    • Reply
      5th November 2014 at 3:03 pm

      Honestly you can get the whole thing squeaky clean in less than a minute! I think my old one was the same price and I was fuming when I broke it! Love this little gadget 🙂

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