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Rebel Kitchen Review

So, as you can see from the pictures below I was lucky enough to receive the full range of Rebel Kitchen drinks. Big shout out to The Rebel Team (especially Rebel Sophie) for hooking me up with this awesome little care package!

This box was full of a recyclable vibrant green shredded fill, a ‘with compliments’ style card, 3x330ml Adult ‘Mylk’ drinks (Chocolate Mylk, Matcha Green Tea Mylk, & Chai Mylk) and 3x200ml Kids ‘Mylk’ drinks (Orange Choc Mylk, Choco Mylk, & Banana Mylk).  Needless to say I went straight to the fridge and stuffed these cartons of joy in for a quick chill.

photo 1(17)Rebel Kitchen Compliments Card photo 2(18) photo 3(13)
Rebel Kitchen are a wonderful little company whose mission statement ultimately is to ‘rebel’ against the mainstream fat, sugar, & additive pumped foods that modern society is being force fed upon, on a daily basis.  Rebel’s products are dairy-free, free from refined sugars, and full of fresh, whole and unprocessed foods – definitely a breath of fresh air from the norm I have to say.  The full range is also Vegan and Vegetarian society approved – bonus!

The packaging and the branding of this company is just immense.  It manages to be fun, educational, modern, sophisticated and still true to what it stands for.

The Adult Mylk’s are adorned with a coconut ‘bowl’ filled with a Hokusai style ‘Great Wave’ of coloured mylk corresponding to each flavour.  Every little coconut bowl is sat upon a bed of whatever the main ingredient is; chocolate, green tea leaves or Chai spices. They just look super pretty that you could almost carry them around like some sort of modern day fashion accessory.  The top of the cartons have the little message ‘Shake me up’, which is very important considering that all of the ingredients are natural, meaning the sediment falls to the bottom of the carton.  The ingredients are labelled simply and clearly on the side of the cartons with little ‘guide’ pictures of each individual ingredient. Superb!

The Kids Mylk drinks sport fun little characters that are helping to fight the Rebel Kitchen war against junk, and at the top they have fun little slogans like ‘Shake me punk’.

photo 2(25)photo 3(20)photo 1(24)
My kids definitely appreciated the fun packaging almost as much as the contents… well not quite!

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty… what were these bad boys like?!

Well, I’m sure this won’t come as a shock – super delicious! But let’s have a more in depth overview of the full range.

Adult Mylks

Adult Mylks are coconut milk based drinks, blended with spring water (from Somerset), date nectar and various natural flavours. They come in 330ml cartons (enough to fill a tall glass).

Chocolate Mylk:

So as you can see below that there is no picture of the carton on it’s own, or in a glass.  This is because it had been guzzled and crushed before I could say ‘stop’. Quite luckily though I did manage to drink a fair whack of this one myself – Pheeew.

The ingredients are beautifully simple; Water (in fact it’s spring water from Somerset!), Coconut Milk (11%), Date Nectar, and Cacao (2%).  This was super delicious and really reminded me of those delicious American ‘thick’ style shakes, in fact I’d sort of sum this up as the super sophisticated & beautiful sister of one of those tacky, cloying & garish ‘FRijj’ drinks.  It was smooth as a baby’s bum and just the perfect comfort drink.  I kind of wish I had tried this one warm!

Rebel Kitchen Chocolate MylkRebel Kitchen Adult Chocolate Mylk Ingredients

Matcha Green Tea Mylk:

This one required the most shaking up to get rid of the matcha powder lumps.  It was however the one I was looking forward to the most and having had experience with matcha, I thought that this would probably be the case so I shook it ‘like a Polaroid picture’.
When I poured this one out I expected it to be green, but to my surprise it was brown! I am putting this down to the date nectar.  It was refreshing, smooth and watery and only toted a subtle matcha flavour, so for those of you who are reluctant to try this because you aren’t a green tea fan, I can assure you that it is only a hint of matcha and the sweetness of the date nectar really warms it up. It was a very ‘clean tasting drink.

As you can see the ingredients are the same as the same as the Chocolate Mylk except that there is no cacao but rather matcha powder. Although, at one point I convinced myself that this had a slightly chocolatey flavour.

photo 3(19)photo 5(7)

Chai Mylk:

Ooooooh Chai! I really, really love Chai (probably even more than I love matcha). This one was thick, sweet, slightly powdery and beautifully spiced but not in an overpowering way.  The sweetness was spot on again and just warmed up any bitterness that the spices might have brought with them.  But what was even nicer was the cacao surprise, although it wasn’t quite as thick as the Chocolate Mylk it was close. Slurp, yum yum, delicious!

The spices used for the Chai were cinnamon, tumeric and cardamom.  So not the full blown traditional Chai spice blend but enough to recognise it as being ‘Chai’.  And funnily enough they are my 3 most used spices in cooking (and hot drink making)!

photo 4(11)photo 1(23)

Kids Mylks

The Rebel Kids Mylks come in 200ml cartons, complete with straws so they are perfect for packed lunches, or for when on the move.

Product Tester Josh and Product Tester Scarlett jumped head first into the challenge to try these bad boys out, and as you will see the overall verdict was smashing!

photo 3(17)photo 1(20)

Orange Choc Mylk:

So this one the kids loved! It was very watery in consistency, refreshing and you could definitely taste the orange oil, but it was a subtle orange flavour.  As an adult I’d prefer a much more intense and zesty orange, but for kids I think that subtlety is probably best! As you can see from Product Tester Josh’s face he really does like this – he gave Orange Choc Mylk an 8/10.

The ingredients are lovely, pure and innocent just like my children! No really – Water, Coconut Milk (11%), Date Nectar, Cacao (1.5%), & Orange Oil.

photo 3(16)photo 4(9)

Choco Mylk:

This again was the same as the Adult Chocolate Mylk, a nice thick creamy American style thick shake.  Product Tester Scarlett rated this one a whopping 9/10, being her favourite out of all three.

The ingredients are as follows; Water, Coconut Milk (11%), Date Nectar, & Cacao (2%).

photo 1(21)photo 5(6)

Banana Mylk:

The banana flavour in this was so unbelievably fresh that you could tell that it wasn’t artificially flavoured i.e. it didn’t have that bubblegum like twang to it.  There was a vague hint of cacao but very mild. The consistency was fairly watery and was definitely one refreshing beverage!

Banana Mylk was Josh’s favourite with the lovely rating of 10/10!

The ingredients again are au naturel and unprocessed; Water, Coconut Milk (11%), Crushed Banana (8%), Date Nectar, Cacao.

photo 1(19)photo 2(20)

So overall the verdict was pretty strong, and I will now have to break my bank to drop these into the weekly shop for my kids to take to school in their lunches.  But hey, if it means that my kids are having healthy treats over the nasty ones then i’m all game!

Now here is a beautiful montage of various reactions to the Rebel Kitchen Kids Mylks range!

photo 3(15)photo 4(8)photo 1(18)photo 5(5)photo 3(14)photo 4(7)photo 5(4)photo 2(21)

So what is my overall verdict?!

I don’t think I could praise this brand anymore than I already have; fantastic branding, clever packaging, brilliant morals, pure ingredients and lots of fabulous fun!

Any criticisms? No not really, other than please can you release even more fabulous flavours in both of your ranges Rebel Kitchen?!

You will all be happy to know that on the Rebel Kitchen website there is a tab for ‘Snacks’ – Coming Soon! I find this a very exciting prospect and can only speculate what wonderfully natural creations they will have in store for us next.

Rebel Kitchen have recently started to gain some progressive exposure from being stocked by big high street and online retail names such as Selfridges & Co., Ocado, Waitrose and Perfectly Paleo.  I would really like to see their brand being filtered into more mainstream supermarkets and not just being seen as a ‘luxury’ item, however only time will tell. It’s all about demand, and if we don’t demand the best for ourselves and our children maybe this will never happen, so stand up my fellow Primal People and share the Rebel Love!

If you’d love to learn more about Rebel Kitchen and what they stand for then check out their website!

The Rebel Kitchen Adult Mylks are available at Perfectly Paleo for £1.89 for each 330ml carton, and the Kids Mylks for £0.99 per 200ml carton.

The Rebel Kitchen Kids Mylks multipacks are available at Ocado for £2.49 (3x200ml packs) so be sure to stock up!

Being an Ocado shopper myself I will definitely be including these in my weekly shop when affordable and stocking up on some treats for myself from Perfectly Paleo, I can imagine using the Adult Mylks range for making some awesome Chia pudding with!

Have you ever tried some of these Rebel Kitchen yummies? What did you think? Don’t be shy – leave a comment below!

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    10th October 2014 at 4:40 pm

    Agreed…the power as a consumer is in our hands…”they” will only stock what we are prepared to buy, and that means putting our money where our mouths are, so to speak…

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