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Poetry: 5 Minutes

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I’ve been writing poetry for a few months now, it has been the most cathartic experience. I have come to realise that healthy living, exercise, and everything else just sometimes doesn’t cut it and an artistic outlet is equally important for my mental health. A lot of my daily work has become less creative so poetry seemed like a great option.

I’m hoping to upload a poem every now and then for you all to read. If it’s not your bag just give it a miss!

Anyway, this poem isn’t my first – nor is it my best work, but it’s one of my most recent and I really just needed to vent. It’s about a really fucking amazing person that briefly touched my soul in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Sadly our paths hadn’t crossed at the right time.

5 Minutes

You told me that you really liked me.
That you could see this turning into something else.
You were worried and you couldn’t hack it.

I took those words,
inscribed them into my mind
and sealed them in a fleshy packet.

I just needed 5 minutes.
5 minutes in a room with you,
to figure out if what I was feeling
was really even true.

You asked me “What would be the end game?
I mean we could be friends,
but that would be just torture.”.

I felt cast aside,
like poisoned water.

You told me that you really enjoyed talking to me,
but maybe we should not.
I said that leaving you alone felt wrong,
my stomach turning to knots.

I just needed 5 minutes.
5 minutes in a room with you
to figure out, what I actually wanted to do.

All I needed, was 5 minutes.

5 minutes in a room with you,
to figure out if what you said you were feeling
was really, ever true.

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