When I first went Paleo I struggled to find blogs and products I could rely on, especially those within the UK.  The same happened when I decided to turn to green beauty and ethical, sustainable living. I’ve curated links for some of my favourite bloggers, brands and services in hopes that you won’t have to spend years searching yourself and feeling like a lost puppy. If you’re new to Paleo and want to know what it’s really about just check out my Idiot Guide to Paleo. If you’re a blogger, brand, or service and want to be added to the list please drop me a message via my contact page and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Paleo Gurus

  • The Fitness Explorer (UK based primal movement expert. Paleo fitness workouts, Primal playouts, natural movement, Paleo nutrition and holistic health advice.)
  • Mark’s Daily Apple (Mark Sisson’s daily musings on health, nutrition, fitness, the health industry and the low-carb, Paleo, Primal lifestyle.)
  • The Paleo Mom (Dr Sarah Ballantyne (aka The Paleo Mom) is a world-renown health expert, award-winning public speaker, and New York Times, bestselling author.)
  • The Bulletproof Exec (Learn to lose weight, increase your IQ, and focus your mind with the revolutionary Bulletproof executive system. Paleo keto diet products available.)
  • Chris Kresser (Functional medicine practitioner specialising in investigative medicine, blogger, podcaster, teacher, and a Paleo diet and lifestyle enthusiast.)
  • Primal Toad (Todd’s a world traveler seeking true wellness. Want to label him? He’s a minimalist, foodie, writer, entrepreneur, educator, wannabe chef.)

UK Paleo Blogs

  • Primal Play (Set up by Darryl Edwards (a.k.a. The Fitness Explorer) you’ll find fun, functional, and primal movement that can be adapted for all ages and abilities.)
  • Paleo With Mrs P (Having suffered from Type 1 Diabetes for 13 years Emma has become both a mentor and speaker on the matter. You’ll find plenty of Paleo and low carb recipes, as well as mama stuff and tips for little ones. She also sells delicious handmade snacks and grain-free porridge mixes in her online shop. Emma was also a regular contributor to Primal Eye Magazine  and you can find her work here.)
  • Healthy Perspective (Jan is a mum of 3 awesome boys and is on a mission to spread the Paleo and LCHF love via her site Healthy Perspective – a Paleo resources and directory website. She is also the founder of UK Paleo Awards.)
  • My Goodness (Plant-based recipes specifically designed to heal skin from within. Hanna is the author of bestseller ‘Radiant‘. She was also a regular contributor to Primal Eye Magazine and you can find her work here.)
  • Comfort Bites (Jo is a food and health blogger, mostly Paleo and 100% AIP friendly. You’ll find her latest AIP recipe ebook SPICE on Amazon Kindle. Jo was also a regular contributor to Primal Eye Magazine and you can find her work here.)
  • Eighty 20 Nutrition (Mouthwatering Paleo recipes, Primal Health Coach certified, and winner of UK Paleo Awards Blogger of the Year Award, 2017.)
  • Paleo Castle (Primal Health Coach certified, fitness and food.)
  • The Office Caveman (Helping to inspire you to get primal and get outdoors! Tips, advice, and support for all things adventure. Food, running, camping, hiking, and more.)
  • Meta Well (Nutrition consultancy based in Bracknell (Berkshire UK), founded by Minna Wood (MSc, mBANT, CNHC).)
  • Christine Bailey (Paleo and vegan recipes. Christine is an award-winning Nutritional Therapist, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, chef, author, and broadcaster with over 18 years of experience.)
  • Paleo Diet and Fitness (Although Rebecca is no longer active her website is still up and full of amazingly delicious Paleo recipes. She released 2 best selling Paleo cookbooks which you can find here. Rebecca was also a regular contributor to Primal Eye Magazine and you can find her work here.)
  • Paleo Britain
  • UK Paleo Awards (1st ever UK Paleo awards brought to you by Jan of Healthy Perspective. It’s now in its 2nd year and I can’t wait to see the new talent!)
  • Primal Eye Magazine (The UK’s 1st ever online Paleo magazine created by myself with content from amazingly talented writers. Although I stopped publishing in 2016 I keep the site running as it is a powerhouse of information! I hope to one day go back to this when I have a little more time.)

International Paleo Blogs

  • PaleOMG (Paleo recipes, meal plans, fitness, fashion, and beauty.)
  • Stupid Easy Paleo ( Award-winning paleo, gluten-free and Whole30 recipes, fitness, and mindset tips with a stupid-easy style!)
  • Nom Nom Paleo (Paleo, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and Whole30-friendly recipes from New York Times bestselling author Michelle Tam.)
  • Against All Grain (Beating an autoimmune disease with a Paleo diet. Cookbook author and 3 x NYT Bestseller.)
  • A Girl Worth Saving (Simple and Flavorful Paleo, Keto, gluten-free, grain-free recipes from bestselling author Kelly Bejelly creator of A Girl Worth Saving.)
  • Real Everything (Formerly Paleo Parents, Real Everything is all about real food, real talk, and real life. Podcasts, cookbooks, recipes, kiddies, and even natural beauty.)
  • Eat Drink Paleo (Run by internationally published author and blogger, Irena Macri, Eat Drink Paleo is a go-to stop for paleo recipes, healthy cooking and natural living.)
  • Elana’s Pantry (New York Times Bestselling author Elana Amsterdam founded Elana’s Pantry, a go-to website for easy, healthy, grain-free, Paleo recipes.)
  • Clean Eating With A Dirty Mind (Self-­proclaimed “dessertavore” Vanessa Barajas takes your taste buds where your conscience dare not go. Vegan options available.)
  • The Urban Poser (Indulgent Paleo recipes with stunning photography. Jenni is also a yoga teacher and the author of bestseller Paleo Patisserie.)
  • The Domestic Man (Gluten-free and Paleo-friendly recipes, inspired by traditional and international cuisines.)
  • Predominantly Paleo (Delicious Paleo recipes, Jessica is the author of Down South Paleo, The New Yiddish Kitchen, and the Paleo Kids Cookbook.)
  • Zen Belly (Real food recipes from a chef’s perspective. Gluten-free and mostly Paleo. Co-author of The New Yiddish Kitchen.)
  • Grass Fed Salsa (AIP, non-toxic lifestyle)
  • The Curious Coconut (Paleo, AIP, and Chinese Medicine from a scientist’s perspective, USA based.)
  • Clean Eating Kitchen (Real food, gluten-free and dairy-free, USA based.)
  • What Great Grandma Ate (Mostly Whole30, USA based)
  • The Castaway Kitchen (AIP, dairy-free, keto, Paleo, and nightshade free recipes.)
  • Pure and Simple Nourishment (Paleo, AIP, Whole30, GAPS, SCD, Canada based)
  • My Natural Family (Paleo and/or Whole30, USA based)
  • Gluten-Free Daddy (Gluten Free and/or Keto, USA based)
  • Eat Beautiful (Paleo, GAPS, AIP, Keto, Whole30, USA based)
  • Unbound Wellness (AIP, Paleo, and Whole30)
  • A Real Food Journey (Real food, primal, Paleo, and keto.)
  • Whole Daily Life (Whole30, AIP, GAPS. Tracey is an RD specializing in autoimmunity and digestive health, including SIBO.)
  • Olive You Whole (Whole30 certified coach, Paleo recipes, Whole30 resources.)
  • Tessa the Domestic Diva (Gluten-free, mostly Paleo, some keto and Whole30.)
  • Whole New Mom (AIP, Keto, gluten-free. Located in the US.)
  • Delicious Obsessions (Real food / paleo recipes, many dairy-free and gluten-free options, nutrition, health, body image, disordered eating, and mindset articles too.)
  • Living Healthy With Chocolate (Mostly Paleo, vegan, and gluten-free desserts, some keto/Whole30 desserts and meals too.)
  • DIY Health Blog (Paleo and low FODMAP nutrition and digestive health.)
  • Get Inspired Everyday (Mostly paleo, gluten-free, and vegan recipes, travel and lifestyle. USA based.)
  • Dr Karen S. Lee (Holistic health, real food, toxic-free living, located in the USA.)
  • Ditch The Wheat (Gluten-free Paleo-friendly recipes. Carol is a Canadian, reiki master, certified crystal healer and self-love enthusiast.)
  • Healy Eats Real (Paleo, keto and holistic nutrition. USA based.)
  • 40 Aprons (Lots of Whole30 Paleo recipes.)
  • Downshiftology (Gluten-free, paleo-friendly recipes.)
  • My Food Religion (Paleo, gluten-free recipes with some vegan recipes. Based in Australia.)
  • Savory Lotus (Real food, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly recipes.)
  • And Here We Are (Grain-free, home brewing, foraging, etc. Located in Spain.)
  • Real Food RN (Recipes, essential oils, real food resources, and motherhood.)
  • I’d Rather Be A Chef (Paleo, low carb, keto and 100% gluten free.)
  • Tasty Yummies (Real food. Over 850 gluten-free recipes, most are Paleo, lots of keto, Whole30, AIP, low FODMAP etc.)
  • All The Nourishing Things (Uncomplicated real food and holistic living.)
  • Mamavation (Mamavation is a community of women who are empowered to live differently–avoiding hormone-disrupting chemicals, supporting organizations and brands that mirror our values, and treating our fellow sisters with respect.)
  • Grass Fed Girl (Paleo and keto recipes, healthy lifestyle.)
  • Beauty and the Foodie (Low carb, primal recipes, and natural beauty.)
  • The Primal Desire (Gluten-free, whole food, and primal recipes. Based in Canada.)
  • Butter Nutrition (Nutritional therapy, women’s health, gluten-free. Based in Seattle, WA, US)
  • Living Loving Paleo (All Paleo and gluten-free recipes.)
  • Oh Snap! Let’s Eat! (Paleo and gluten-free recipes. USA based.)

Green Beauty Blogs

  • Balanced Beauty Bristol (Sasha is a UK based all natural beauty therapist and mama of 2 who just happens to blog about everything! Make-up tutorials, reviews, and getting real about mental health!)
  • Skyn Therapy (Amy focuses on helping people to overcome acne and offers consultations as well as amazing blog posts and reviews. She was also a regular contributor to Primal Eye Magazine and you can find her work here.)
  • Frivolous Girl (A Green Beauty and Wellness blog that focuses on an all natural and holistic lifestyle as well as reviewing natural beauty products.)
  • This Natural Bee (Amber is based in the UK and posts the most amazing natural beauty reviews.)
  • Organic Bunny (Amanda is on a mission to prove an organic lifestyle can still be glamorous! Make-up and skincare reviews, green beauty tips, and even an online shop.)
  • NatuRia Beauty (Ria is UK based and reviews eco-friendly beauty and baby products. She also organises a bi-annual international green beauty swap!)
  • Sarita Coren (holistic mum of 5 dubbed the godmother of green beauty.)
  • Living Pretty Naturally (Reviews, tutorials, ethical fashion, and even nutrition and wellness articles!)
  • Gurl Gone Green (clean beauty, home detox, and product reviews.)
  • The Glow Getter (UK based, trained make-up artist and beauty therapist with a passion for green beauty.)
  • Beauty By Britanie (showcases and reviews the very best in natural beauty, eco-friendly products, and ethical fashion.)
  • Small Bits of Loveliness (Slovenian blogger Jana is a qualified beautician with a love for green beauty.)
  • Depths of Beauty (Australian based natural, organic, ethical, and cruelty-free beauty blogger and eco make-up artist.)
  • Genuine Glow (An Italian beauty and wellness blogger living in America. Lilly is also a Nutrition and Health Coach.)
  • Viva Woman (Singapore beauty blog with a focus on natural skin care and holistic living.)
  • Liberty Green (Australian blogger that’s passionate about beauty, health and well-being, showing you that green CAN be glam!)
  • Ellie Gill (Ellie is a natural, organic makeup artist and massage therapist. She also writes amazing reviews!)


Paleo Friendly Online Shops/Subscriptions (UK)

Paleo Food Brands (UK)

  • Paleo With Mrs P (handmade, artisan Paleo/vegan snacks)
  • Kam Alive (artisan raw chocolate, vegan)
  • Extreme Bean (coffee to make you caffeinated AF, great for athletes!)
  • Mighty Bee (coconut based products; water, jerky, frozen young Thai coconut, vegan)
  • Primal Pantry (the original Paleo snack bar, vegan)
  • Primal Joy (bars, bites, granola)
  • Hunter & Gather Foods (UK’s first 100% Avocado Oil Mayonnaise and Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Avocado Oil. Paleo and keto.)
  • Matchæologist (Purveyors of artisanal matcha. Ceremonial-grade matcha and contemporary matcha-ware. Enter code GOTSA for 20% off.)
  • Raw Nice (Turn your boring foods into the highlight of your day using all natural powders made from fruits, algae, plants and flowers. All have unique health benefits and vibrant colours. Not UK based but ship to UK via Sweden)
  • Erbology (Paleo friendly and vegan superfood snacks, shots, and ingredients.)
  • Ugg Foods (baking mixes)
  • Hilltop Honey (British raw honey)
  • Coyo (additive free coconut yogurt, vegan)
  • Rebel Kitchen (delicious all natural drinks, vegan)
  • Plenish Cleanse (pure nut mylks and juices, vegan)
  • Love Raw (snack bars, beverages, superfoods, vegan)
  • The Paleo Foods Co (grain-free granola)
  • The Tiger Nut Company (tiger nut produce; flours, granolas, chocolate and more.)
  • Raw Gorilla (buckwheat based snacks, vegan)
  • Eat Grub (edible insect-based snacks)
  • Raw Ecstasy (activated nut butter and snacks, vegan)
  • The Raw Chocolate Company (raw chocolate, superfood ingredients, vegan)
  • Raw Halo (raw chocolate, vegan)
  • Ombar (raw chocolate, vegan)
  • Caveman Kitchen Biltong (wild, grass-fed, artisan biltong)
  • Truth Naturals CBD (Organic CBD (Cannabidiol) Tincture Oil, Liposomes, Gummies and Capsules. Fast acting natural pain relief great for autoimmune diseases, anxiety attacks, and DOMS. Grab £10 off by entering the code GEORGINA10.)
  • Naturaw (Pretty awesome raw dog food for pretty awesome dogs. Human grade British ingredients, biodegradable packaging. Certified organic food range.)

Ethical Clothing

  • People Tree (Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. UK based. Fairtrade, Organic Cotton, World Fair Trade Organization, Soil Association certified. Read my review here.)
  • Lucy & Yak (UK based; ethical, handmade, independent clothing)
  • Komodo (UK based; men’s and women’s apparel)
  • Monkee Genes (UK based organic and ethical denim with the motto ‘No slave labour, no child labour, no blood, no sweat, no tears.’.)
  • Finisterre (Born over a decade ago from the needs of hardy British surfers, Finisterre designs functional and sustainable product for those that share a love of the sea.)
  • Boody (UK based, Australian bred bamboo underwear and baselayers for men, women, and baby.)
  • Pepper & Mayne (Super-chic Body Wear created using seamless technology and a compression fit. Pepper & Mayne are dedicated to a fully traceable supply chain, sustainability and ethical trade.)
  • Armed Angels (Contemporary German clothing company that believes in eco and fair clothing production. Only organic and sustainable materials used.)
  • Woron (Scandinavian based sustainable lingerie brand.)
  • Reformation (US-based; sustainable, ethical women’s clothing and accessories)
  • Symbology Clothing (US-based; Fairtrade, artisan women’s clothing and accessories)
  • Eco Vibe Apparel (US-based, affordable, ethical fashion)
  • Matter Prints (US-based, women’s clothing)
  • Nudie Jeans Co. (100% organic cotton denim, vegan)
  • Rakha (London based guilt-free eco-clothing brand; made in a thoughtful and sustainable way. Vegan.)

Ethical Shoes

  • Beyond Skin (Beyond Skin is a British luxury designer cruelty-free vegan footwear brand selling vegan boots, vegan shoes and vegetarian shoes. Men’s and women’s footwear available.)
  • Po-Zu (Stylish shoes for everyone by combining supreme comfort with ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes. Official Star Wars collab available too!)
  • Inkkas (Offers online shoes, sneakers and boots that brings the world together. Made with authentic textiles from Peru, Guatemala, Mexico and more! Sustainable global footwear for men and woman. UK/Ireland site can be found here.)
  • Rockfish Wellies (Made from rubber from sustainable sources using traditional techniques, collecting the sap into small bowls. The plantations are inspected regularly to ensure continual replenishment of trees.)
  • El Naturalista (Men’s, women’s, and children’s footwear for tireless travellers and nature lovers. Vegan shoes available.)
  • OFKT Footwear (UK based company that designs and manufactures classic fashion footwear with sustainability at the heart of the brand ethos. Skillfully crafted from premium recycled leather.)
  • Mamoq (UK based ethical and sustainable footwear for men and women.)
  • Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories Co. (Vegetarian shoes and vegan shoes offered by Wills. They produce animal and human-friendly women’s and men’s shoes and boots at affordable prices. UK based.)
  • NAK Fashion (Made-in-Italy, born in London, NAK (‘No Animal Killed’) luxury shoe brand offering the latest in vegan and cruelty-free collections for men and women.)
  • Bourgeois Boheme (Contemporary London-based vegan footwear brand for both men and women making state of the art luxury shoes.)
  • Veja (French brand of ecological and fair trade footwear and accessories for men and women. Veja works with cooperatives of small producers and social associations in Brazil and France.)
  • Earth Runners (Custom moulded minimalist Vibram soles and trademark lacing system offering the ultimate barefoot sandal experience. Enter code GOTSA10 for 10% off)

Ethical Jewellery and Accessories

  • CRED Jewellery (Create beautiful, fairtrade certified jewellery. Their ethical engagement and wedding rings are made from conflict-free diamonds, designed in UK.)
  • MADE (Jewellery and accessories brand focused on creating positive change through fair trade and ethical practices at their workshop in Kenya.)
  • Tribe of Lambs (Proudly nonprofit jewellery. Designed by Tribe, made in India, with love. All profits go to empowering HIV positive children in India.)
  • Oria Jewellery (Makes Fairtrade jewellery using ethically sourced gold, silver and gems. All of their jewellery is made in their London studio.)
  • Votch (Minimalist watches, produced using vegan synthetic leathers, and cruelty-free production and raw materials. UK based.)
  • Angela Roi (Luxury designer vegan handbag brand. They use high-quality vegan leather and work with skilled artisans to craft their handbags.)

Green Beauty

  • Content Beauty (Organic beauty and sustainable living products. Also has a London store and clinic.)
  • Naturisimo (One of the leading organic beauty stores offering the best in organic skincare, cosmetics, and makeup with FREE UK Delivery.)
  • Alyaka (Sell luxury bath products, niche perfumes, organic skincare and beauty solutions. Stockists of Gressa Skin and Mahalo. UK based.)
  • Citrine Natural Beauty Bar (Carries a super lux collection of the finest green beauty products! Ships worldwide and has a store in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.)
  • Green People (Gentle organic skin care and natural beauty Products. Ideal for sensitive skin. Never tested on animals, gluten and 100% SLS/paraben free · Vegan society approved. Have separate sites for US, Norway, and Denmark.)
  • Bodhi & Birch (Eco-luxury bath, body and skin care to awaken your mind, indulge your senses and enlighten your skincare ritual. Proudly made in England.)
  • RMS Beauty (Brings you natural make-up and beauty products made with organic ingredients.)
  • Kjaer Weis (Created by a professional Danish-born makeup artist Kristen Kjaer Weis. One of the few natural organic cosmetic lines that offer high-performance makeup in stunning colours and luxurious sustainable packaging.)
  • Rituel de Fille (A new vision for beauty inspired by the magical side of natural ingredients, where pigment is elemental, ceremonial and powerful. Stunning make-up with a gothic edge.)
  • Lily Lolo (Mineral makeup and brushes. Their products are affordable and gentle on your skin. Bismuth free. Samples available. Made in the UK.)
  • Honeypie Minerals (UK based company that specialises in cruelty-free, vegan, and earth-friendly mineral beauty. 100% pure and natural ingredients for healthy skin.)
  • Eco Stardust (Biodegradable premium grade cosmetic glitter for eco-conscious sparkly people. Wide range of colours and custom glitter blends. Vegan-friendly.)
  • W3ll People (Pronounced Well People, they offer toxin-free, eco-luxe cosmetics made in small batches with premium natural and organic ingredients.)
  • Tata Harper (Inventors and manufacturers of the world’s finest 100% natural, anti-ageing skincare!)
  • Oskia London (Luxurious, nutritional formulations designed using bio-available nutrients and complex natural actives to give you a beautifully healthy, glowing complexion.)
  • Kure Bazaar (French natural nail polish brand, created by Kartika, a fashion model, in 2012. Quick dry formula, eco-friendly, and long lasting.)
  • Little Ondine (Innovative nail polish brand with an all-in-one formula. Little Ondine (5 free) is composed of natural, non-toxic ingredients – water, organic colourants, and resin. Peel off formula.)
  • Nailberry (Nailberry L’Oxygéné is a 12 chemical-free gentle nail polish, letting the air & moisture pass-through. No Phthalates including DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Triphenyl Phosphate, Alcohol, Parabens, Animal Derivatives and Gluten. Vegan and certified Halal.)
  • Rahua (Privileged to be building earth-friendly, sustainable, natural Beauty products for hair care and body from Amazonian forest.)
  • Madara (Cosmetics and organic skincare products with ingredients that come from certified organic farms and approved suppliers.)
  • Lavera (100% natural and organic skincare and cosmetic brand. Certified organic.)
  • Weleda (Has been growing and creating 100% natural, organic herbal medicine and body care products for over ninety-five years, often to the same original, formulations.)
  • Sukin (Australia’s favourite natural skincare brand offering affordable skin and hair products formulated with the best natural extracts and essential oils.)
  • Coola (Sunscreen and suncare products that contain certified organic extracts, antioxidants and vitamins that boost your skin’s natural immune system.)

Women’s Hygiene

  • Ohne (Hailing a bloody end to pesticide-filled period products. 100% organic tampons delivered via a tailored subscription service. UK based.)
  • Mooncup (The original, soft, medical-grade silicone menstrual cup designed by women as the convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons. UK based.)
  • Thinx (The only period-proof underwear with levels of absorbency measured in tampons. Come in Hip Hugger, Sport, Hi-Waist, Thong, Cheeky, and Boyshort. Leotard, unitards, and training shorts available too. US-based, ship worldwide.)
  • TOTM (100% certified organic cotton period care and reusable menstrual cups. Eco-friendly, vegan and certified cruelty-free. UK based.)
  • Natracare (Award winning organic and natural product range of chlorine free sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons and wipes. UK based.)
  • Diva Cup (The DivaCup offers up to 12 hours of leak-free protection, comfort and convenience. US based.)
  • Luna Pads (Reusable alternatives to disposable pads & tampons featuring modern washable cloth pads, magical leak-free period undies, and menstrual cups. Based in Canada, ship worldwide.)

Sustainable Living

  • S’well Bottle (Produces the best reusable stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles available with luxe designs.)
  • Qwetch (Offers sustainable nomadic food containers for those who want to carry their drinks and meals by avoiding the use of disposable bottles and food packaging. Organic cotton and GOTS certified.)
  • Vektra (The home of the world’s first thermal insulated eco-friendly electric kettle. Constructed with stainless steel dual wall insulation. Keeps water hot for up to 4 hours.)
  • Abeego (Say goodbye to cling film, tin foil and plastic sandwich bags and hello to natural, breathable, compostable food wraps. Made with beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil infused into a hemp and organic cotton cloth.)
  • Bambu (Makes eco-friendly bamboo dinnerware and sustainable home goods.)
  • Bunkoza Eco Straws UK (Makes steel, bamboo, and paper eco-friendly straws.)
  • Eco Coconut (Brings sustainable and biodegradable products to global markets, offering alternatives to the plastic and synthetic products found in most homes. 100% plastic free kitchen cleaning accessories, dog toothbrushes and more. )
  • ECOLunchbox (ECOlunchbox food containers are 100% plastic-free, waste-free, and BPA-free. Made from non-toxic stainless steel and silicone.)
  • Life Factory (Combine healthy materials, eco-friendly composition, modern design sensibility, and exceptional utility in their full line of products. Glass baby bottles and water bottles.)
  • Solight Design (Architecturally designed solar lighting for the home and outdoors. Great for camping, sailing, boating and to decorate your patio and pools.)
  • Kriya Veda (The leading destination for premium eco-friendly yoga mats, luxurious natural and organic skincare, unique handcrafted jewellery, and beautiful homewares.)
  • House of Marley (Audio products crafted from sustainable materials. Made from cotton and canvas textiles, as well as recycled plastics, recycled metals, and FSC certified woods.)
  • Incausa (Indigenous social entrepreneurship and mindful products. Artisanal Incense blends: Breu Resin, Palo Santo, Chacrona and Jagube, Sage, stoneware, and more.)



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